Simple Heart Garland

heart garland

Garland is great! It is such an easy inexpensive decoration to add to your mantle or staircase.  Last year I started making seasonal garland.  My mantle looks naked without it! In February I put up the super simple heart garland.


What you need:

  • foam heart shapes from the craft store ( I chose different colors and sizes)
  • bakers twine (my favorite!!!) or other string
  • needle (I picked a pretty thick needle to fit the twine through)

I figured out how long I wanted the garland and threaded the needle.  Figure out your pattern of hearts. Then I just eyeballed it and poked the needle through the foam heart connecting each heart.  Then hang and enjoy your simple heart garland! I hade this last year and just stored it in a baggie.  I think it looks pretty good still!



Then I just added the flowers in mason jars to the mantle.  The flowers were on sale and are going on a week and a half.  They are still looking good!



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