{DIY Headboard} Making A Template

We finally got the bed for lil’ miss and now it needs a headboard.  I was inspired by the headboards below that I found on Pinterest.  So now, I am going to try to create something just a grand! Wish me luck.

Nursery Notations

Decor Pad: Maria Barros


 I have tackled the first step of making a template and testing it out on the wall.  Here is what I did…

I took Kraft Paper and taped it together to make the size I needed…approx 75 inches wide by 40 inches tall.


Then I measured and drew the shape I wanted. I happened to like the curves of one side better so I folded the paper in half and cut it out with my favorite side as the guide.


Finally, I taped it on the wall in her room to admire.  LOVE! Now I just need to make the real thing!  I will use this template and trace it on the plywood and use my brand new jigsaw to cut it out!



Off to shop for fabric…


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