Transition to Big Boy Room

I had big pretty big plans to have the twins’ big girl/ big boy rooms ready for Christmas. I admit…I failed.  I just couldn’t get everything ready in time…don’t know how interior designers do it all. I bow down!!!  Anyway, I had an idea for little man’s room, whereas little miss’s room stumped me.  I thought I was going to make Zane’s headboard and had pinned a few that I liked and thought I could DIY…

Screen shot 2013-02-16 at 1.19.26 PM

Found on Pinterest…not sure of source.

But when I was searching for little miss I found one that I liked for lil’ man.  It was at an Unfinished Furniture Store and was classic and simple…just what I wanted.  Bought it for $135 plus a couple cans of chalk paint (which I really liked using).  They would have painted it but it would have cost $180…uh, nope!  So all I needed for him now was a bed frame and bedding.  My MIL gave me an pine nightstand that I painted the same color as headboard and added fun knobs from Hobby Lobby (50% off of course).



I used a foam brush and did about 3 coats.  You don’t have to use a primer with this paint so it wasn’t too bad!  Then I put 3 coats of a sealer on the front.  The sealer went on fast and dried fast.





I couldn’t find 8 knobs of the same color so I just bought what they had and decided to spray paint them orange.


The weather was not cooperating so I moved the pieces inside to add the sealer.  It was a water based sealer so the fumes weren’t too bad and I opened a window just in case.





Headboard – Furniture in the Raw

Duvet and Cover: Ikea

Sheets: Pottery Barn Kids

Nightstand: Hand-me-down!


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