End of Year Gift Ideas

The end of the school year has always been a big deal to me, especially when I was teaching.  A class gets so close throughout the year which made it hard to say goodbye to my little friends!  Every year I would make a slideshow video with pictures that I took throughout the year.  We would watch it as a class and then I would give each student a copy.  The parent reactions were the best…they loved them!! Even though I am not teaching I still like to give little end of the year gifts to the teachers and classmates of Finley and Zane!  Below is what I made last year and since we are at a different school this year I am going to do the same! I got a bunch of beach balls on sale, printed out a tag, and tied it with mu favorite bakers twine…sweet and simple!


For the office staff, I rounded up cute tumblers, printed a tag, and filled the cups with lemonade and orange instant drink packets!

IMG_4036 EOY

For the teachers last year, we collected money from the whole class and gave them visa gift cards which was very appreciated.  This year I am going solo on my gift and getting a mani/pedi gift card.  Still putting it together so I’ll report back with the final product!


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