{DIY Headboard} Making A Template

We finally got the bed for lil’ miss and now it needs a headboard.  I was inspired by the headboards below that I found on Pinterest.  So now, I am going to try to create something just a grand! Wish me luck.

Nursery Notations

Decor Pad: Maria Barros


 I have tackled the first step of making a template and testing it out on the wall.  Here is what I did…

I took Kraft Paper and taped it together to make the size I needed…approx 75 inches wide by 40 inches tall.


Then I measured and drew the shape I wanted. I happened to like the curves of one side better so I folded the paper in half and cut it out with my favorite side as the guide.


Finally, I taped it on the wall in her room to admire.  LOVE! Now I just need to make the real thing!  I will use this template and trace it on the plywood and use my brand new jigsaw to cut it out!



Off to shop for fabric…


Transition to Big Boy Room

I had big pretty big plans to have the twins’ big girl/ big boy rooms ready for Christmas. I admit…I failed.  I just couldn’t get everything ready in time…don’t know how interior designers do it all. I bow down!!!  Anyway, I had an idea for little man’s room, whereas little miss’s room stumped me.  I thought I was going to make Zane’s headboard and had pinned a few that I liked and thought I could DIY…

Screen shot 2013-02-16 at 1.19.26 PM

Found on Pinterest…not sure of source.

But when I was searching for little miss I found one that I liked for lil’ man.  It was at an Unfinished Furniture Store and was classic and simple…just what I wanted.  Bought it for $135 plus a couple cans of chalk paint (which I really liked using).  They would have painted it but it would have cost $180…uh, nope!  So all I needed for him now was a bed frame and bedding.  My MIL gave me an pine nightstand that I painted the same color as headboard and added fun knobs from Hobby Lobby (50% off of course).



I used a foam brush and did about 3 coats.  You don’t have to use a primer with this paint so it wasn’t too bad!  Then I put 3 coats of a sealer on the front.  The sealer went on fast and dried fast.





I couldn’t find 8 knobs of the same color so I just bought what they had and decided to spray paint them orange.


The weather was not cooperating so I moved the pieces inside to add the sealer.  It was a water based sealer so the fumes weren’t too bad and I opened a window just in case.





Headboard – Furniture in the Raw

Duvet and Cover: Ikea

Sheets: Pottery Barn Kids

Nightstand: Hand-me-down!

Thrifty Thursday

I went Thriftin’ today! There were a few specific items I was looking for to put in open shelves in the kitchen.  So a thrift store is a great place to go.  You’ve got to go in there with an open mind, as something may be the shape or size but totally wrong color.  Case in point…


Obviously I was not drawn to them for the lovely leaves and vegetable artwork. These are not beauties by any mean, but they were cheap and with a coat of paint and a little elbow grease  these will hopefully be just right! I’ll update with after pics as soon as I get to them!

Just for reference…here are the kitchen shelves that I want to work on.  I am just not loving all the cookbooks…it is a little bit too cluttered looking for me.  I would like a more styled look.  And I rarely pull from those books anyway…lately my recipes are from Pinterest!


Which Window Treatments?

I have to confess…we moved back into our house after the remodel almost 2 years ago and…have been living with paper shades.  Okay I said it.  Whew.  I am happy to say that we are ready to invest in real window treatments.  I have been pinning away, but to be honest I am just a little anxious.  It is a big expense and can make a big impact on the room.

Screen shot 2013-02-13 at 5.21.46 PM

We have a very neutral home with grays, whites, and light bluish greenish greys…really exciting sounding huh? I have ruled out plantation shutters as it would be too busy looking for me in our space.  Also, no long curtains in most rooms…with 2 young children and 2 dogs, no thank you! So I kinda have my heart set on Roman $hade$.  And we have got a lot of window.  Just to get an idea of what we are in for, I have plugged in some measurements for online window treatment sites. The damage…an average of $500 per window.  We have 5 windows in just our front living room…ouch!

I ventured into a local window fashions place here in Austin and the designer there opened my eyes to bamboo shades.  I have always liked the look but didn’t want dark or light brown shades up in our space.  What I didn’t know was there are TONS of different shades and textures to choose from.  So it would be safe to say that I am considering them.  I need to get my hands on some samples to bring home though! Oh, bamboo shades aren’t cheap but could bring the cost down to approximately $300 per window depending on our choice.

Just wanted to share with you.  What do you have in your home…curtains, shades, blinds? We will be working one room at a time so I’ll keep you posted along the way!  I am going to try to visit another store this week to see what they offer/advise for our home!


Simple Heart Garland

heart garland

Garland is great! It is such an easy inexpensive decoration to add to your mantle or staircase.  Last year I started making seasonal garland.  My mantle looks naked without it! In February I put up the super simple heart garland.


What you need:

  • foam heart shapes from the craft store ( I chose different colors and sizes)
  • bakers twine (my favorite!!!) or other string
  • needle (I picked a pretty thick needle to fit the twine through)

I figured out how long I wanted the garland and threaded the needle.  Figure out your pattern of hearts. Then I just eyeballed it and poked the needle through the foam heart connecting each heart.  Then hang and enjoy your simple heart garland! I hade this last year and just stored it in a baggie.  I think it looks pretty good still!



Then I just added the flowers in mason jars to the mantle.  The flowers were on sale and are going on a week and a half.  They are still looking good!


Tulips for Teachers

For Valentine’s Day this year I decided to go with tulips for teacher gifts.  I.Love.Tulips! Plus one of their teachers is on a restricted diet so I wouldn’t want to torture her with candy that she couldn’t eat.  Who doesn’t love flowers?  Burlap is also a favorite of mine for gift wrapping and crafts! I whipped up a little tag and finished it off with a bow.  Might just have to treat myself with one of these for Valentine’s Day!



You can find the printable here: val-love grows here