Our DIY Farm Table

Last spring we were eager to use our patio, but we needed to do a few things first.  Initially, I went out shopping to look for a table  and chairs.  I looked at ikea, Pottery Barn, Crate&Barrel, searched on craigslist, but just didn’t find what I wanted, at the price I wanted. I wanted a farm table with a bench for a couple hundred bucks…wasn’t gonna happen! So I started looking at DIY tables.  Then I started getting excited…and had to figure out a way to convince the hubby that this was going to be fun! Really all I had to do was show him prices of inspiration photo$ and then the price to DIY…hook, line, and sinker!!! I sure know the way to his heart!!!

Inspiration photo: Well, this beauty is just a tad bit out of our price range.  Like $2,000 out of our price range!

Screen shot 2013-02-19 at 10.13.09 PM


Here is our version for a LOT less!!

farm table

I actually used a Lowe’s tutorial video to walk us through the building process. (FYI…we did not build our bench like the one in the video). But first we had to gather the materials.  What you need will depend on the size of your table and bench.  I am no carpenter so I won’t do a tutorial, but will give you the gist of how we built our very own Rustic Farm Table!

First we gathered the wood…we decided on smooth cedar and used 4×4’s for legs and 2×6’s for top and 2×4’s for table skirt.

I bought a mini Kreg Jig Kit online…and kinda LOVE it.  Hiding the screws just gives it a finished look.  Gary cut the pieces and I stained and sealed each piece before we assembled it.  It will remain outside so I wanted it to be as sealed as possible.

Then we basically followed the tutorial adjusting as needed for our plans.

Here are a few more photos.  Since these pics, we have gotten 4 Tolix-like chairs from Overstock, and built a buffet to match. We have enjoyed many picnic lunches, and dinners out there already! I am so glad we built our table! We are certainly proud of it.




Since these pics, we have gotten 4 Tolix-like chairs from Overstock, and built a buffet to match. We have enjoyed many picnic lunches and dinners out there already! I am so glad we were brave enough to build our table! We are certainly proud of it. Have you DIY’d anything lately?


Thrifty Thursday

I went Thriftin’ today! There were a few specific items I was looking for to put in open shelves in the kitchen.  So a thrift store is a great place to go.  You’ve got to go in there with an open mind, as something may be the shape or size but totally wrong color.  Case in point…


Obviously I was not drawn to them for the lovely leaves and vegetable artwork. These are not beauties by any mean, but they were cheap and with a coat of paint and a little elbow grease  these will hopefully be just right! I’ll update with after pics as soon as I get to them!

Just for reference…here are the kitchen shelves that I want to work on.  I am just not loving all the cookbooks…it is a little bit too cluttered looking for me.  I would like a more styled look.  And I rarely pull from those books anyway…lately my recipes are from Pinterest!


Simple Heart Garland

heart garland

Garland is great! It is such an easy inexpensive decoration to add to your mantle or staircase.  Last year I started making seasonal garland.  My mantle looks naked without it! In February I put up the super simple heart garland.


What you need:

  • foam heart shapes from the craft store ( I chose different colors and sizes)
  • bakers twine (my favorite!!!) or other string
  • needle (I picked a pretty thick needle to fit the twine through)

I figured out how long I wanted the garland and threaded the needle.  Figure out your pattern of hearts. Then I just eyeballed it and poked the needle through the foam heart connecting each heart.  Then hang and enjoy your simple heart garland! I hade this last year and just stored it in a baggie.  I think it looks pretty good still!



Then I just added the flowers in mason jars to the mantle.  The flowers were on sale and are going on a week and a half.  They are still looking good!